Step By Step Cartwheel Slide Show

This is a step by step slide show showing how to do a basic front to back cartwheel. Before you begin, it's important to make sure you have enough room to do the cartwheel. A friend of mine broke her foot doing a cartwheel in her bedroom when she was younger. Her foot came down right on a desk. It's also best to learn on a soft surface like a mat or padded floor, just in case you take a spill.

Make sure you have enough upper body strength to make it through the cartwheel. Practicing handstands against a wall can help you become more confident in supporting your own body weight. Standing with your back against a wall (one that you don't mind footprints on!), put your hands on the floor in front of you and walk your feet up the wall until you are in a handstand position.

Make sure you stretch out too before you begin. You should stretch out before any kind of work out, and gymnastics is no exception. For a step by step stretching slide show visit the Stretches page. For an easy list of drills you can do to improve your cartwheel click Drills.

Don't try anything you're not comfortable doing. If you are brand new to gymnastics don't attempt cartwheels right away. Instead, work on drills and stretches first. Trust your body. You should know your strengths and weaknesses before beginning.