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{2. make borders}

Watch the slide show below to learn how to add decorative borders to your cake.



{3. make flowers}

Another common decorating technique is to add flowers to a cake. Although they look intricate, flowers are relatively easy to make using fondant. Just follow these few steps:

photo of fondant

Step #1 - Add a small amount of icing color to the fondant (the color depends on what color you want your flowers to be). Begin kneading the fondant so that it is pliable and easy to work with. Tip: put some butter on your fingers to prevent the fondant from drying out while you're working with it.

photo of flower being made

Step #2 - Roll the fondant to make the middle part of the flower. You will work from the inside out and make the inside petals first. Gather fondant from around the center of the flower and pull it inward around the middle to make the shape of a petal. This takes some practice so don't worry if your petals don't come out right the first time.

photo of a decorated cake

Step #3 - Continue to make petals until your flower is the size you want it to be. Then take off whatever excess fondant you have leftover. You now have a beautiful flower to add to your cake! As an extra touch, add leaves to your flowers. Simply fill your piping bag with green-colored icing and attached a piping tip with a slit-like end. The icing will come out in a ribbon-like fashion to resemble leaves. Your cake is now decorated and ready to be shown-off!