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{Malati Molisak}

photo of malati

Malati's talent for cake decorating inspired me to create this Web site. She started cake decorating a couple of years ago as a hobby and something to do in her free time. "It's kind of embarrassing but my husband taught me how to bake and that's how it all started," she said. "He taught me how to bake my first cookie." After that, Malati was hooked. She enrolled in cake decorating classes at Michaels and what she didn't learn in class, she picked up on her own. She joined forums on the web and got ideas and advice from other cake decorators. "In the beginning it was a lot of trial and error," she said. "But you get better and eventually you develop your own style." For Malati, cake decorating is a stress reliever, and she said if she didn't have to work or go to school (she's studying to be a physical therapist), she would do it 24 hours a day. "It's what I do late at night, sometimes until 5 a.m., when I have time to myself," she said. Malati has made and decorated close to 100 cakes for friends and clients. She even made her own wedding cake. Now that's pretty special.



photo of my cake

I am by no means a cake decorator, but it is something I definitely enjoy doing. My roommate, Pooja, is the baker in our apartment and she always makes cakes for her friends' birthdays. It's the best gift they could get. Sometimes when we're delirious from studying late at night, she and I will randomly bake a cake and decorate it. The photo above is one of those cakes. Whatever your reason, cake decorating is something you can enjoy and succeed in. So go ahead and give it a try. I promise you won't regret it.