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picture of unframed diploma picture of unframed tennis racquet picture of framed shirt and picture

Some of the more common things to frame are going to be prints or flat art. To the left here is a diploma, one of the items that is very common in Gainesville. The flat variety of art is also the easiest to frame. Since it's one of the more common items that gets framed, there is a slideshow at the bottom of the page detailing the steps involved in framing a diploma.

If you're up for the task some of the harder things to frame are 3D objects. These are usually placed in a frame called a shadowbox. If the item is thin, like a napkin or piece of cloth, these can usually be placed in a normal frame. Items like the tennis racquet, footballs or other larger items are placed in this deep type of frame. If a larger, more involved project doesn't seem like the ideal weekend for you, it might be a good idea to have a professional frame shop take care of these types of projects. On the other hand, if patience is what you have, a good idea would be to at least consult a frame shop to help with the details and logistics of the project. For a good size project, like the one to the left, expect to spend at least a couple hours mounting the item to a piece of board. As far as the frame goes, a professional frame shop would have to build a custom box since most items are an non-standard size.

Another common item that gets framed is clothing. Shirts, jerseys and various sports clothing commonly gets the framed treatment. For these types of items, a shadowbox is still needed. A shadowbox is used when the item is thicker than the flat items described in the first picture. Depending on the thickness of the item, the shadowbox can vary from less than an inch to more than 5 inches. And like the tennis racquet above, a custom frame will need to be made at a frame shop or art gallery. The procedure for adhering the shirt to the board is usually with a needle and thread. And again, like the racquet, expect to spend a couple of hours threading the shirt to the board.