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picture of glass example
picture of glass example


That fragile stuff on the front of the frame can make all the difference in a framing project. When choosing glass for your framing project, there are a couple of questions to ask.

First, is the item being framed worth spending the extra money for a glass that has a protective layer in it. If so, a UV filter glass might be the way to go. If the piece is expensive and is going to be the center piece for a room, Museum glass might be another choice. Museum glass is middle piece in the first picture. It has an unmistakable clarity but not without the price tag to go with it. For the Museum glass expect to spend about four times what regular glass would cost. Another option would be reflection control glass. If the piece is going to be near a window or bright area of the home, reflection control glass will help keep the glare to a minimum.

Customizing the glass is an add-on that's usually overlooked. Most frame shops can etch the glass with anything from lettering to photos. These etches can add a subtle addition to the frame without overdoing it.