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Over the course of this Web site we'll take a look at the different parts of how a frame is assembled and how to turn a framing project into more of a hands-on experience.
Labor is one of the largest parts of any type of framing, so be prepared to put a little elbow grease into your project. Patience is another thing that might come in handy. Though not the hardest thing in the world to do, there are a lot of different parts to a framing project not to mention the thousands of choices that can be a bit overwhelming. However, completing a framing project that's completely unique can have very rewarding feeling. So sit back, soak in the information then get started on your framing project.

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In the above video you'll see a few things that will be covered on the rest of the site. The diploma that's shown in much of the video will used to show a framing project from start to finish. We'll use the diploma as a typical project, and look at some of the choices that go into making a project unique.