Gabrielle Falconeiri's World of Tie-Dye- Supplies

There are plenty of different ways to tie-dye, but the most popular are with individual dyes or with a tie-dye kit. RIT dye is a very well-known and reliable source to get individual dyes, and they also include tie-dye instructions on their Web site . I, however, used a kit that I found on sale at a local craft store. They can be found fairly easily at stores like Michael's or the craft section of Wal-Mart.

tie-dye kit I think a kit is best for beginners because it takes out a lot of the guess work of tie-dyeing. The kit I used included pre-measured dye bottles, soda ash to help set the dye in the T-shirts, rubber bands and one pair of gloves. Although the kit was a good starting point, there are still things you have to supply yourself as well as additional materials that help the process go much smoother.

These are the items I used when I tie-dyed: