Gabrielle Falconeiri's World of Tie-Dye- Process

Since I chose to use a tie-dye kit to make my T-shirts, I don't have the experience to explain the dye baths method RIT uses. They have very detailed explanations and diagrams on their Web site if you are interested in that method.

After you have gathered your ingredients, the first step is to soak the T-shirts in a soda ash bath for 20 minutes. Fill you bucket up with warm water, pour in the soda ash and stir until it dissolves. When you're putting the T-shirts in the soda ash bath it is a good idea to wear gloves to protect your hands. I have relatively sensitive skin and it was irritated by the soda ash mix.

Mixing the dye was very simple for my kit. The powder was pre-measured into the bottles and I simply had to add warm water and shake the bottles until the powder dissolved. Again, you should be wearing gloves for this because the dye can stain skin for a few days.

The dyeing should be done outside, and even then I would put plastic over the table. I didn't have a plastic tablecloth so I cut open two garbage bags and taped them to the table. Once you have moved outside, wring out the T-shirts and place them on a clean surface.

Decide what design you are going to use and rubber band your T-shirt accordingly. Squeeze the dye onto the T-shirt, making sure that you leave space for the dye to bleed and that you get all layers and sides of the shirt.

Rinse the T-shirt with cool water until it runs clear. Snip the rubber bands (make sure you don't cut the fabric) and unfold your new creation!

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