circle shirtA circle tie-dye shirt is made by laying the T-shirt on a flat surface, gathering small handfuls of fabric and securing each of them with a rubber band.

Make sure to grab both the front and back of the shirt when you secure the handfuls, otherwise the design will not go through both sides.

It is important to wrap the rubber bands very tight because if they are too loose the dye will leak through and the pattern will not be formed.

Racheal with shirt

The more circles on a shirt, the more visually interesting it will be. Be sure to make circles on the front and back, as well as the neck, sleeves and bottom of the shirt.

The dye can be applied all over the shirt, or in a more specific pattern.

Racheal achieved this look by appling orange dye to the tips of the circles and blue dye over the rest of the shirt. This gives a little more depth and contrast to the circles, which makes the pattern stand out much better.

Another way to have variations in the patterns is to use different size rubber bands to secure the circles. Wider rubber bands will give more white space at the base of the circle, while skinnier rubber bands will give little or no white space.