I am not a hippie. I guess you could say I'm more like a hippie sympathizer. I care about the environment and think that everybody should just get along most of the time. I also am interested in perhaps the biggest symbol of hippie-ness...tie-dye.

group photo

The first time I tie-dyed was in elementary school at an afterschool program, and the last time was probably in middle school-- until this project rolled along.

I picked tie-dye because I thought it would be an entertaining activity, and I thought that I could provide some background information for those that aren't "in the know" about hippie culture. I was also able to interview somebody about what being a "hippie" meant to them, check it out on my History page.

So here I am, setting aside conventional college-aged behavior and gathering a group of my friends for an experiement in "explanatory journalism." Can we, people that have not done something for years or ever, show a multitude of strangers how to do that same thing?