This pie came out well, but I used Granny Smith and Gala apples instead of my preferred combination of Golden Delicious and Gala. I'd suggest trying that combination (or using just Golden Delicious) before trying any others.

I also rolled this dough a bit too thick, and then refrigerated it without letting it warm up enough before adding the top layer to the pie. That didn't work out very well. To see a few photos and hear about my experience baking this pie, watch the slideshow; I talk mostly about making the dough for this pie, because the filling was really simple to make.

Apple Pie



  1. Preheat the oven to 450.
  2. Peel, core and cut apples into very thin pieces.
  3. Combine and sift remaining ingredients over apples, then stir. (I just mixed everything together in a bowl instead of sifting the dry ingredients.)
  4. Arrange the slices in layers in the pie shell, then dot with 1.5 tablespoons of butter.
  5. Cover the pie with a crust, bake for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 350 and bake for 45-60 more minutes.
  6. If you'd like, sprinkle the top crust with some cinnamon and sugar before you bake the pie.
Recipe courtesy Cherise Bartley.