Poi Wings

Have you ever gone to the circus and seen people breathing or juggling fire? Have you gone to a cultural festival and seen native people dance with fire or colorful ropes? If you have, you were seeing an artform called poi.

To all you pyros in the world, and maybe some other interested people, there is a certain type of juggling that makes beautiful photographs. This form of juggling is called fire poi. There are also other types of poi including performance poi and glow poi.

Fire Poi

Originally practiced in Maori, New Zealand, this form of juggling is also called fire dancing. People will juggle with fire lit at the ends of chains. The ends of the chains are made of a non-melting material that can be soaked in either paraffin, kerosene, naphtha or methanol. There is also a form of kevlar rope that may be used to create a longer flame, also called fire snakes.

Fire dancing is performed along with music. Many people take beautiful photographs of these dances. Fire poi is a wonderful and flowing form of light painting.There are many people that try both art forms at the same time!

You can buy fire poi kits and take your own photographs of this beautiful artform. For more information, visit the fire dancing website.