Things you need:

  1. A camera
  2. A tripod (or something to place you camera on)
  3. A source of light (e.g. flashlight, lighter, etc.)
  4. A dark room or area
  5. A friend to help!

First of all, you need a camera that you can change the shutter speed with. You want a longer shutter time in order to have time to draw the picture you want. Placing your camera on a still object will help with shaking. Some pictures you can create by keeping the light still and moving the camera itself.
After that, you are ready to try your first photo!

Step One:
Find the area you want to work in, and possibly an object you want to paint around.

Step Two:
Place your camera settings on manual. Change your shutter speed to low, and your ISO (lower sensitivity) to low. If this doesn't work out the way you want it, play around with your ISO settings.

Step Three:
Find your light source. You can use a flashlight, lighter, even your cell phone or ipod! Practice what you want to draw before taking your picture.

Step Four:
Set your camera on the tripod and change your angles appropriately.

Step Five:
Take your picture! Remember, it may take a few tries to get it the way you want it. Practice makes perfect!

Optional Step Six:
If you really want it to look cool, you can alter the picture on a photo program. You can buy Adobe Photoshop or download for free Picasa by Google.