Arms extended to create platform

The forearms create the


Thumbbed fist and open right hand

Wrap fingers around fist

for the hand place.

Passing is the most important skill in volleyball. If you don’t get your pass right, you have a low chance of delivering an effective attack because it makes the set and hit suffer.

Athletic Position

The pass starts with foot placement, athletic position and proper arm alignment. If you’re right handed, your right foot should be slightly in front of your left, a little more than shoulder-width apart and bend the knees slightly so that from this position, you can easily move to the ball, wherever it may land.

Hand Placement

Make a fist with your left hand with the thumb on top, and cover the left fist with your right hand. Your thumbs should line up side by side. Bring your arms together straight and away from the body.

Athletic position ready to pass

Ready to receive the ball.

Your forearms should create a “platform,” where the ball should contact. Do not use your fists or wrists to hit the ball—the contact should be about two to six inches above the wrists.

Hands on top of each other to start grip

The Cup Method.

Do not swing your arms; just let the ball make contact.

If you do this correctly, the ball will be more controlled, and it will go where you want it to go. And if you’re going after a ball, don’t use one-handed motions because these are often uncontrolled.

The Overlap Grip

Hand placement does not have to be as it was just described. It’s all about what is most comfortable for you and what works for you. I actually prefer interlocking my hands when I pass. I feel most comfortable making a “thumbs-up” with my left hand and wrapping my right fingers around the left thumb. My thumbs still line up, which creates an even platform.

Left thumb in right palm

The grip I use!

Be Careful!

Do what works for you, but as a precaution, DO NOT use interlocking fingers! This is dangerous! It’s so easy to break your fingers this way if you don’t get your hands together quick enough, and it takes too long to react. So save yourself some pain and either place your hands or overlap them.

The goal of the pass is to make it easy for the setter to get the ball up high in the air to set up the hitters, so you should always aim for the setter.