High school volleyball

Me at 18 in my high school jersey!

Volleyball is one of the most exciting sports in the United States and in the world, and I want to share my love for the sport with you!

What's so great about volleyball?

It's a fast-paced sport that really anyone can play as long as you know the rules. There are a few complicated ones, but I'm sticking to the basics.

All in the family...

I first became interested in volleyball because my dad was the coach of the high school varsity girls' volleyball team when I was really young, and I often went to practice with him. I helped him pick up balls and run drills--basically I was his assistant. I loved watching the really tall girls practice and since then, I wanted to play.

No Golf, Just Volley

Growing up, my dad also coached the varsity boys' golf team, and he always encouraged me to get involved with golf. I tried, but I really stunk at it, and I didn't like how ridiculous some of the girls were who I had to play against. So I asked my dad if I could play Rec volleyball instead, and he let me.

I got involved with the Rec volleyball program for a few years before high school, and then I played at the high school level for three years. I would have played for four, but during my sophomore year, I had a serious back injury, and I had to sit out the whole season--I was definitley back the following year though. And during high school, I had the opportunity to do some volunteer coaching at the Rec league for young girls interested in improving their skills.

Present and Future

Playing competitive volleyball has helped me grow as a person, from learning to be a cooperating team member to learning to trust and rely on others. When I graduate from UF, I hope to be a high school teacher, and maybe I can coach my own volleyball team just like my dad!

The spring semester of my sophomore year at UF, I was privileged to take a Volleyball II class, taught by Anna Wiesak. For this site, I have compiled information from her class notes and lectures, my personal experience and articles at MSN's Encarta and the YMCA.

Even though I don't play collegiate volleyball, I have been on a few intramural teams, both for indoor and sand volleyball, and I play pick-up games frequently in my church's gym. I hope you'll love volleyball as much as I do, and I hope this site is helpful!