1. This is the play button that allows you to look at the pictures that you have already taken that are stored in the camera.

2. This controls the ISO. After pressing this button you can change the ISO by using the dial on top of the camera.

3. This controls the White Balance (WB). This works this same as the ISO button. After pressing it, use the dial to change the WB.

1. This button allows you to choose to shoot a single shot, in burst mode, or self-timer. Single shot is self explanatory. Burst mode allows you to take three shots in a row. Self-timer allows you to set the camera up somewhere and take a picture without you having to be behind it and pressing the shutter.

2. This is the dial that allows you to change the ISO and the WB. It also lets you look through your stored pictures or any other function that necessitates you to scroll through options.

3. This is the shutter button. This is what you press when you are ready to take a picture.

4. This dial allows you choose what mode you will be shooting in. The "M" represents Manual mode. The green box is automatic mode. The other functions that are represented with letters are usually either shutter priority, meaning you set the shutter speed and the camera will automatically set the aperture, or aperture priority, which is the opposite. The other functions that are represented with pictures are automatic settings for certain types of pictures. There are usually automatic settings for portraits, action shots, and landscapes.

**Consult your camera's manual for further details.

Parts and Functions of the Camera

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