So, you want to learn how to take good pictures? Then you are in the right place.

Photography is an excellent means for conveying messages, being artistic, and preserving memories. It has always been a passion of mine. I started in elementary school taking pictures of school activities and slumber parties using a disposable camera. Once I was in high school I started taking photography classes in which I was able to use a Canon Rebel. During this time I learned how to process my own film and make my own black and white prints in a dark room. Since I've been at the University of Florida, I have been able to take a photojournalism class and upgrade to using a Digital Canon Rebel. It is here that I have learned how to take journalistic photographs and how to use photoshop. Now, I pass what I have learned onto you.

This website is dedicated to education in photography. Here you will learn:

The History of Photography

Different Types of Cameras

The Parts and Functions of a Digital Canon Rebel

The Step-by-Step Process of Taking a Picture

The Rules of Composition

Basic Photoshop