About Donna

A woman on a great life adventure! Donna is a woman of many hats. Her first and favorite job is the one that lasts a lifetime... as the mother of three wonderful children. Although she is always wearing that hat, she is also the host and Senior Producer of Family Album Radio, a two-minute daily radio module based on current family social science research and distributed through the National Public Radio (NPR) system as well as via the Internet. She holds a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Florida and recently completed her M.S. in Family, Youth and Community Sciences at the University and is currently working on a PhD in Mass Communications, studying the media effects of 3-D immersive worlds and how they impact both virtual and real human relations.

She has been working for more than 20 years in the field of communications including teaching as an adjunct instructor in the College of Journalism and Communications at UF since 1982. She was also the first working mother to serve as State President of the Florida Public Relations Association in the organization's 53-year history.

Donna's voice has also been heard in a number of surprising places. In her hometown of Gainesville, Florida, she was the female voice talent for program promotion, underwriting credits and fund drives for WUFT-TV/FM for several years. She also voices numerous commercial advertisements and (if you still own a computer old enough to have Microsoft® XP) her voice is that mysterious female speaking to you through your computer through the interactive training feature as well as on several other Microsoft® tutorials developed by LearnIt Corp. She has also co-hosted a weekly financial call-in radio program, "Dollars and Sense with Jeff and Donna Davis" with her husband, Jeff, the financial planner and owner of Falcon Financial Management on WKSY-FM in Gainesville since 1999.