Hello, world.


My name's Allie Conti, and I'm a sophomore at the University of Florida. This Web site was created as a part of MMC3260: Communication on the Internet with help from my professor, Dave Stanton.

The purpose of this site is to help me study for the GRE subject test as well as synthesize information that is not synthesized elsewhere on the Internet.

By pinpointing the common weaknesses of most English students, I have pinpointed weaknesses in my own studying. I can now prevent myself from becoming too single-faceted by signing up for classes that focus on periods in which I lack knowledge. I learned that I need to take a classes in Romanticism, Shakespeare and Medieval Literature and stop focusing on contemporary literature exclusively.

If you have any questions about this site, you can e-mail me here.

Copyright 2008, Alexandra Conti, University of Florida