This move is another type of bodyroll and it allows you to move the ball back and forth between hands. This transfer is but one of many different moves you can use in contact juggling. Any move that shifts the ball from one hand to another can be considered a transfer, though a true contact juggler only uses transfers that maintain the illusion of contact juggling, where the ball never loses touch with the body.

Step One: Cup your hands together, with your forearms and the heels of your palms touching. Place the ball in the palms of your hands. Move your hands to get the ball moving in a circle within your cupped hands.

Step Two: Once you are able to do this consistently, start this move in the same way you would start the Butterfly. Cradle the ball on the back of your hand and toss it over your fingertips to your palm. This time, instead of catching and holding the ball in your palm, place the heels of your hands together and allow the ball to roll down your palm and up into your other palm, using the circling motion you practiced in the first step.

Step Three: The ball should roll up your other palm and over onto the back of your other hand, with a motion similar to the second part of a Butterfly move. Catch the ball on the back of your hand in the cradle and repeat. Practice until the move becomes natural and fluid.