Contact Today

The name contact juggling was coined in 1991, when James Ernest wrote his instructional book “Contact Juggling.” This book was the first instruction manual for contact juggling and started the development of the contact juggling community. There is some controversy of Ernest's term and his book. Many jugglers believe Ernest violated Michael Moschen's intellectual property by writing the book, since Moschen invented this type of juggling. Furthermore, Moschen does not use the term contact juggling. Instead, he refers to the style as dynamic manipulation. Despite this, the style has been popularized by other jugglers as contact juggling. While Ernest's book is now out of print, many other instructional materials have been created by jugglers and these also refer to the style as contact juggling.

Since contact juggling only gained popularity in the late 80s, most of the development of contact and contact jugglers has been on the Internet. The first group started as a Yahoo! discussion group in late 1999. Now, there are many juggling communities, mostly based on the Internet. The contact juggling community also developed through the organization of several conventions. The first was in September 2001 in Florida. In 2003, the first European convention was held in Scotland. Conventions are held more regularly now though attendance is still rather small.