Create a Routine

Once you become familiar with a variety of tricks, start stringing them together to create your own routine. Practice the tricks in the order you want to perform them, striving to make the transition between one trick and the next look smooth and seamless.

The goal of contact juggling is to create the illusion that the ball is effortlessly gliding over your body. You want to make it look like the ball is weightless and moving freely, with little prompting from you. Keep this in mind as you practice your routine. When possible, practice in front of a mirror and watch yourself. See if you are maintaining the illusion throughout the routine.

Contact juggling is one of the hardest styles of juggling to master. It takes lots of practice to maintain the illusion. However, contact juggling is still a rare form of object manipulation. Many people have never seen a contact juggling routine. You can create an impressive routine by mastering just a few of the simpler tricks and performing them with skill and grace. It is not the complexity of the routine that matters, but the ability to maintain the illusion of contact juggling.