The Butterfly

The Butterfly is a bodyrolling move and it is the foundation for many other moves, so it is best to learn the Butterfly first. Mastering the Butterfly will help you learn other moves quicker.

Step One: Begin by using whichever hand you feel more comfortable with, usually your dominate hand. Hold the ball on the back of your hand. Create a cradle for the ball by slightly lowering your middle finger.

Step Two: Toss the ball up in the air. Flip your hand over and catch it in your palm.

Step Three: Toss the ball up in the air again. This time, flip your hand over to catch it on the back of your hand in the cradle position.

Step Four: Practice tossing and caching the ball, going back and forth from the back of your hand to your palm and back again. Once you get comfortable doing this, throw the ball so it never leaves contact with your hand, letting it roll along your fingers. This creates the illusion that the ball never leaves contact with your hand.

Note: You don’t have to start learning to contact juggling with the standard acrylic ball most performers used. It is better to start with something smaller and lighter like a racquet ball or lacrosse ball. You can gradually build up strength and flexibility in your hands and then transition to the heavier acrylic balls, which come in different sizes. This also prevents damage to acrylic balls, as they can chip or crack when dropped.