Ambidexterity is an essential skill in contact juggling. Becoming ambidextrous is important because it allows you to use a variety of tricks and helps in maintaining the illusion. The more comfortable you are using both hands means you will have smoother tricks and a better illusion of the ball moving fluidly across your hands and arms.

In order to become equally skillful with both hands, it is importable to practice using both hands. The first step is to practice the Butterfly with both hands, as this move is the basis for many others. After mastering the Butterfly with both the right and left hand, move on to mastering other tricks with both hands.

You can also practice the motion of a move without the ball. Some jugglers recommending moving both hands in the move, even when only one hand is manipulating the ball. For instance, perform the butterfly with one hand, but have the other hand mirror the motion, moving both hands simultaneously.