Adding More

The moves outlined here only cover bodyrolling and isolations. Palmspinning, the third category of contact juggling move, is not really a trick that can be explained step by step. In order to master palmspinning, you just need to practice spinning the ball in a circle on the palm of your hand, using your fingers to keep it in place. Try to master palmspinning, as well as bodyrolls and transfers. Using all three types of moves creates a more interesting and unique performance.

Another way to add variety is to incorporate other juggling styles. Many jugglers use elements of traditional toss juggling in their routines. For example, a juggler may toss a ball into the air out of a Butterfly move, catch it on his shoulder or head, then roll it down the arm and back into standard contact juggling moves. Try using a combination of toss juggling and contact juggling. You can also perform balancing tricks with your juggling balls.

Contact juggling is a constantly evolving art. Feel free to experiment with the ball, beyond the tricks mentioned here or by other jugglers. You can also create your own tricks. As long as you maintain the basic illusion of contact juggling, you are welcome to use any type of manipulation you like.