Dressed to a tea...or a coffee.


I began working with Sylvia at Deja Brew February of this past year.


A few months into our friendship, Sylvia invited me over for dinner. Afterwards, she asked if I wanted a cup of coffee.


I obliged, expecting a cup similar to what she and I served to sleep-deprived co-eds every morning.


Instead, what I got was a caffeinated calypso of almond, caramel...who knew that heaven exported coffee?...served in a porcelain teacup.


So it was a no-brainer that Sylvia, in all of her coffee-at-home and photogenic glory, would serve as a wonderful paradigm for how to dress up coffee. (Especially if it meant getting another cup of whatever she had served me that fateful night in July.)


I was not disappointed. Not only did I bum a free coffee, but a two-hour conversation worth of home-brewing knowledge that would prove itself invaluable to the making of this website.


Don't believe me? Stop by Deja Brew Cafe, 1412 W. University Ave., Gainesville, FL, Monday through Friday mornings (when Sylvia works) and perhaps you can solicit a dinner invitation.


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