Pre-Deja Brew!



It was out desperation that I poured my first cup of coffee.

My second semester of college, I began working at Deja Brew, a local coffee shop. At first, all I made for myself was "frappucinos." I soon realized that mocha frappucinos wouldn't get me through an all-nighter, much less a college education's worth of them. That said, I gulped back my fears, gulped down a cup o' joe, and haven't looked back since. Now, I consume about 40 oz. of coffee (the equivalent of two "ventis," in Starbuckese) and every day.


This semester, with a coffee pot and a place of my own, I have ventured into making coffee at home. Simple, right? Not so much. Not even for a "barista."


Contrary to popular belief, the best part of waking up is NOT having Folgers in your cup.


And it's more than just the coffee you're using. It's the machine, the filters, the amount of grounds and, finally, how you "dress it up."


Doing it all on a college kid's budget can be hard. But fear not! This site is the triycle of coffee at home. Take the baby steps to the right, and you'll be ripping of those training wheels in no time (though I should mention that they DO make tricycles for adults; so, in the same spirit, feel free to bookmark this page for quick reference).


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