"Heavy is good, if you run out of bullets, you can always hit him with it." -Snatch, 2005



Semi-automatic rifles have proven to an effective tool when fending off zombies, highly accurate and with less hassle to reload than that of a shotgun, they are extremely efficient weapons in regards to the dispatch of multiple zombies. However, one must learn to control his or her trigger finger, a round is spent with every pull of the trigger.



There are several pros and cons to this weapon. The cons, include weight, both the gun and the bullets are weighty and would tire whomever is carrying the burden. Also, at long ranges, the dispersal of the shot becomes broader, and less likely to actually kill the zombie.

However, the shotgun does have stopping power, even if you miss the head, you will at least have gained a few more seconds to escape, and is probably a more efficient weapon for the inexperienced shooter, who may not aim as accurately even at closer rangers.



Pistols should only be regarded as a secondary weapon. It much more to have a miss than a hit when confronting a zombie with handgun. Why?

Consider this, with shotguns and rifles, you are forced to use your entire body to aim, whereas it is easier to use only a single-hand for a pistol, and therefore a sacrifice of accuaracy.

However, that's not to say that the pistol doesn't have use. It is excellent in up-close encounters, where you only have minimal space between you and the corpse, and are capable of implementing a direct hit.

Sharp Objects

"Blades don't need reloading!"-Max Brooks



It's relatively lightweight and has a long, sharp blade. Also, it requires no reload.

Axes vs. Hatchets

Useful due to their long handle axes are a decent defense against any zombie attacker, however, they are worn down only after a few uses and are very heavy. It is best to utilize an axe when there precious few other options.

When you trade an axe for hatchet, there is a gain and loss of benefits. While the hatchet is more lightweight and easier to use, it is still only capable of a few uses and you also lose the long handle grip that is so desirable in an axe


"The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!"-The Bloodhound Gang

Molotov Cocktails

A Molotov cocktail is container filled about halfway with some form of highly-combustible liquid and contains a primitive wick (i.e. a rag or piece of thick rope). To use this, you light the wick and then throw it into a crowd of zombies, where it will then explode and dismember, and or temporarily halt any attackers. Very useful if you have the equipment available to you and you need a distraction to help you and loved ones escape.

What You Should Have In Stock (Per Person)

  1. Rifle, 500 rounds
  2. Shotgun, twelve-gauge, 250 shells
  3. Pistol, .45 caliber, 250 rounds
  4. Silencers for pistol and rifle
  5. Telescopic sight
  6. Laser sights for rifle and pistol
  7. Machete
  8. Hatchet
  9. Two good kitchen knives 6"-8" long