Geurilla Warfare

Zombies are already at several disadvantages. Due to deterioration of the corpse, zombies cannot move very fast and balance is compromised. Take advantage of the zombie's handicaps! When using guerilla warfare you are on your toes all of the time, decreasing chances for lagging alertness, and preventing any leadership issue."

"The only thing worse than one bad leader, is two great leaders."-Napolean Bonaparte

As seen in Night of the Living Dead two men and a woman are constantly fighting over who should be in charge and what should be done. If either of them had actually decided to listen to either of the others, any one of their ideas could have actually worked, instead, nearly all of them perished.

Expose a Weakness

In George Romero's Land of the Dead he exposes one of the weakness that zombies have, attraction light and all things that glitter. In the film, the zombie killers let off fireworks to distract the zombies, who remained absolutely motionless as they watched the light show in awe. Whilst the zombies were distracted, this made for maneuverability and easier killing.

But if you are alone...

The best strategy is to avoid confrontation as much as possible, do not approach the zombies, pick your battles wisely. Although zombies are slow, they are still capable of what was their living human strength. If they grab you, no one will be there to help.

"To go too far is as bad as to fall short."-Confucius