Living Spaces


If you live in a flat, get out! Zombies may not have coordination or super-human strength but, zombies do not tire and don't feel pain. Eventually, enough zombies will gather or a single very relentless zombie will break down your door.

But, if you live in a two-story building, you have a better chance of survival. Take your loved ones and supplies upstairs and be sure to break the staircase behind you when you finish. Zombies can't get to a second floor without stairs. Also, if you feel that you will be stuck a while, be sure that you fill your sinks and tubs with water in case waterways should ever become unoperational.


Again, those that have second floor apartments have more of an advantage and if you live in a first floor apartment, hopefully you made friends with the neighbor above you.

A great opportunity for those who live in apartment complexes, you now have a solid group of people to fend of the zombies. Unlike rural areas where your nearest neighbor is about 5 miles away, an apartment complex probably has at least 20-30 strong to collectively fight.

Public Areas

Avoid public areas as best as you can! As seen in "Dawn of the Dead" zombies have been known to follow familiar paths as workplaces, shopping centers, schools, service stations and public transportation hubs. This is why you shold stock up on food and supplies in preparation of a potential zombie attack.

In the event, that you happen to be living in an urban area and there are no immediate rural havens, seek out places where there are only one or two entrances, such as warehouses or storage areas, the fewer entrances, then the less zombies can get in and you don't have to concern youself with the monitoring of huge windows or various doorways.

Where to Go in the Event of an Escape Attempt

Ocean, Rivers, and Lakes

Zombies can't swim, this doesn't mean that they can't float. Nonetheless, zombies tend to avoid waterways. So if you have access to a yacht or can gain access to an oil rig, these are great temporary safe havens


Forest and Farms

Because there isn't much of a population in rural areas, zombies, are less likely to frequent. This is because it is more difficult for them to track human pheromones. Also, farms are typically great sources for weapons, lumber and food supply.



Don't believe the movies! Zombies are only capable of having the strength of a normal human, at best, and without nearly the amount coordination. Zombies do NOT rise out of the graves. Also, because cemetaries are typically fully of dead people, zombies are less likely to frequent these areas. So if you need a place to rest for a while, a cemetary is a safer bet.