A Taste of Sophistication

Advice from the expert:

Brad H. Lewis, a fine wine buyer for ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, began buying for the company in 1976. He completed the German Wine Academy course held in Germany, has judged at the Sonoma Harvest Festival wine competition and writes reviews for Beverage and Food Dynamics.
"When first beginning to explore the wine world, I recommend a sweet, refreshing wine," he said.
Lewis said a particularly good "starter" wine is the Côtes du Rhône Rosé from Domaine Juame with its fresh strawberry notes. He said it's great if paired with cheese or a summer salad.
Lewis prefers red over white wines and his favorite is a Bravante Cabernet Sauvignon from Howell Mountain in Napa.
"I'm a big red meat kind of guy and that wine goes perfectly with a good steak," he said.
Abc Fine Wine & Spirits holds weekly wine tastings all over Florida.
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Made 19 November 2008
by Jessica Chasmar
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