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How to Hold a Wine Glass:
A traditional wine glass consists of three parts: the bowl, the stem and the foot. The proper way to hold a wine glass is by holding the top of the stem. Holding it by the bowl leaves fingerprints on the glass.
Proper Stemware and Serving Temperatures:
There are three types of wine glasses: red, white and champagne flutes. You can tell a red wine glass by their rounder, wider bowls. The purpose is to give the wine a chance to breathe. Most red wines are served at cellar temperature, which is normally between 55ºF and 58ºF. White wine glasses are narrower and tulip shaped. White wines are served chilled and the smaller opening prevents the wine from warming. Champagne is served chilled in a flute with a tall stem and a narrow lip.
How to Hold
Red and White Glasses
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Made 19 November 2008
by Jessica Chasmar
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