A Taste of Sophistication

Big Nine:

Pinot Noir
Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blanc

How Wines Are Named:

Wine rookies often sit down at a restaurant, look at a wine list and order the house or whatever the server recommends. The main reason for wine confusion is the complicated terminology and the snobby pronunciations, but understanding wine isn't nearly as confusing as some make it out to be. Wine names can be broken down into four simple categories:
1. Varietal: These wines are named after the type of grape from which they were produced. e.g.) Chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and merlot.
2. Regional: These wines are named after the region of the world in which they were produced. e.g.) Bordeaux from the Bordeaux region of France and Chianti from the Tuscany region of Italy.
3. Generic: These wines have no content or origin requirements and are the most common in the United States.
4. Proprietary: A marketing technique where a wine is uniquely named in turn for a profit. e.g.) Opus 1 and Soleo.

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