Preparing - How To Be A Smart Gator - By Morgan Carlson

The Final Stretch

Before you take the test

  • Get a good night's sleep
  • Make sure you have everything you need (UFID, pencil/pen, bluebook)
  • Distribute your study time
  • Monitor your knowledge by asking yourself questions about the material
(source: College Rules!

"If you took good notes and managed your time you should be fine"

Preparing for the test should be simple if you learned actively throughout the course. Most people who have trouble taking tests do not have test anxiety but didn't master the material, Dr. Simpson said. In this case, of course, people are nervous and anxious. Passive notes are associated with short-term memory and rigidity of access. This kills you for cumulative exams, making you learn material over and over again. Also, you are not flexible in the way you access information.

Prepare in a good location

Research has shown that students who study in an environment similar to where they will take their exam tend to do better on the exam. The most important thing is to be in a space where you can focus, whether it is your room, the library or a coffee shop. The book College Rules! suggests sitting in a straight backed chair in a room with good lighting to avoid getting tired.