Tips to Make Your Life Easier:

Many of the tips on this page I have mentioned throughout my site. I figured it would be helpful to compile them onto one page for reference.

  • Hold down shift:
    • To keep your aspect ratio the same (keep your shape the same size), hold down shift as you are making the shape.
  • The control key actually does something:
    • When you are resizing your shapes, text boxes or cropping your logo, hold down the control key to move the keep the edges from locking to a grid.
  • Apply filters first:
    • Before adding text to your logo, remember to make any addition changes to the design with filters first. Adding your text after will allow you to change the font a million times until you find one you like.
  • Constantly save:
    • After you save you logo once, constantly save it by pressing "ctrl-s" for windows computers and "⌘-s" for Macintosh.
  • Undo:
    • So undo one step, press ctrl-z or "⌘-z." Do undo multiple steps, go to the history window on the right side of the program and click on the item before the one you want to undo.