Branding Yourself or Your Company:

Nowadays, people seem to be obsessed with brands. mcds Whether it's clothing brands, make-up brands or shoe brands, everyone has to have the best one out there.

So, why not make yourself the next best thing?

Associating yourself or your company with a logo can make you stand out against other competitors in your field. Whether it's something simple like golden arches or something more complex like an arrow hidden within a FedEx logo, these designs are meant to imprint a memory in peoples' minds. When you see those arches, you crave a Big Mac. When you see that orange and purple sign, you know your package is on its way.


Logos aren't something that should just be thrown together. A well-designed logo will have some kind of meaning, whether it's apparent or subliminal. This Web site is design to give a step-by-step tutorial on how to create logos for Web pages, resumes, business cards and letter heads in Adobe Photoshop.

Interview with Patti Neri:


That all sounds great, right? But where do you start? Making a logo can seem intimidating, but with a few easy steps and some simple tips, you'll have logos covering everything you own.