Adding Design Elements to Your Logo:

After you've created a blank document, you are ready to begin adding different element to your logo. From this page, I will show you how to add different styles of text, different shapes, and changing colors, which will lead me into layers. I would suggest adding shapes and colors before adding the font. That way, if you stylize your shapes or add any filters, your font won't be affected.



Adding different shapes can immediately change the feel of a logo. A simple swoop or spiral can make a logo memorable. However, keep in mind that some design elements have been over done. You may want to do some research before you begin your design.



Color is an important aspect of a logo because different colors emit different emotions. If you want to make a strong bold statement, I would go with a red or black. Calmer colors may give a better impression for a job as a babysitter or as a yoga instructor, like blues or pinks.



When designing a logo, it is important to pick a font that will describe your personality, that will fit the job you are applying for or that will fit the position you hold. For example, if the logo is for a school paper, a good font would be Princetown LET (the orange font to the right).