The first movement to learn in the shot put is always going to be the stand throw because it is where the true force is applied to the shot. A thrower can have a bad start in the rotation and still have a good throw if a proper power position is reached. If a thrower has a great start in the rotation but fails to reach a proper power position, the throw will be bad. The point of teaching the stand throw is to let the thrower learn how to apply force to the shot at the end of the throw. I do want to point out this will be explained as if the thrower is right handed. The first thing you want to do in the stand throw is to get your feet set by having a little wider than shoulder stance.

The left toe should be lined up with the right heel to not have your hips get blocked off when they are turning. Most of the weight should start on the right foot so it can be transferred with power to the left side. The head should be up and the left arm is relaxed. The throw should initiate with the right foot turning and the left arm opening up while keeping the head back. With the right foot turning, the hips should start moving, which will transfer the weight from the right to left side. When the left arm and right hip clear, the right arm should follow creating a stretch reflex on the muscles. At the moment before release, the left arm and leg should stop so the force applies back into the shot. An example of this energy created while stopping is to imagine a motorcycle driver going fast and then all of a sudden stopping. The energy of the motorcycle would stop, but the driver would then fly off from the forces applied. In this scenario, the motorcycle is the thrower and the driver is the shot put. When the left side blocks hard, the right side will come through harder.