Hi, my name is Beau Burroughs, and I want to invite you to my site, The Shot Put Guide. I have been throwing the shot put for 10 years and have had the opportunity to be trained by many successful and proven coaches. I currently attend the University of Florida where I am training for my senior year of competition. I won the 2008 SEC Championship in the shot put this past year and earned All American honors. This site is designed to teach the basic steps for throwing the shot put with the rotational technique and is useful for throwers of all ages.

Me Throwing the Shot

I will present the rotational throw into three parts. They will be the stand throw, the partial movement throws and the full rotation throw. After teaching the technical aspects of the shot put, I will cover the issues concerning throwing equipment that have seemed to bug many throwers at the most unexpected times. Many athletes and coaches can be swamped with shot put guides and tutorials that are misguided and offer little helpful information. There are also many books and videos out there that do a great job of teaching proper technique, and I am not here trying to reinvent the wheel with the shot put. I do however want to share the knowledge I have learned and present it to a wide audience.

The sport of shot put started out with people throwing heavy stones in Scotland to test their strength. It has since become an Olympic sport that has seen much success from the United States. The last American to win the Olympic gold medal was Randy Barnes in 1996 who is also the world record holder in the event. The shots vary in size and weight from the men's 16-pound shot to the women's 4-kilogram shot. High School Boys throw a 12-pound shot while the high school girl's shot is the still a 4-kilogram.

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