The shot put is a sport with little equipment involved, but that means the equipment that is used is even more important. Shots come in several sizes and materials for each weight, which includes turned steel, stainless steel, brass, iron and turned iron. The most popular shots are the turned iron and turned steel because they are not too smooth and have the best grip. The size of the shot has a limit on the circumference for each weight, and many throwers tend to get the largest shot possible because the smaller shot seems to roll off the hand and fingers more in the delivery phase of the throw. The next piece of equipment to cover is footwear.

Adidas Throwing Shoe

All the major footwear companies make a shot put shoe designed for rotation. They usually have a smooth, hard outsole for fast spinning and a high arch to keep the thrower on the toes more. The most popular spin shoe today is the Nike Zoom Rotational that is worn by many of the elite throwers. The Nike shoes have the fastest outsole but are the stiffest of the shoes. The Adidas shot put shoe has a softer outsole and conforms to the foot better for a more snug fit. Reebok, New Balance, Mizuno and Asics all make shot put shoes but are less popular because their lack of sponsorship with throwers and the quality of the shoe. All the spin shoes have a strap across the middle of the foot to prevent the laces from coming out while throwing.

Nike Throwing Shoes

The last piece of equipment to be mentioned is the wrist wrap. Almost all shot putters either tape or wrap their wrist to prevent injury and give support. It is ideal to invest in a good wrist wrap that can be reused every day instead of having to buy and use tape on a constant basis. The wrist wrap can be adjusted after it is applied unlike a tape job, which would require taping the wrist again. The most important matter with all these equipment decisions comes down to the athlete and the comfort level with each product. No person is alike, and no piece of equipment is alike. The only way to find out which product suits the athlete best is to have them try it.