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The Revenge of the Mummy

  • Location: Universal Studios
  • Year built: 2004
  • Ride duration: 3 minutes
  • *Special feature: Almost completely in the dark*
  • Length: 2,200 ft

Indoor and in the dark!

This coaster combines the thrill of riding a mine cart in the dark with haunting images of the dreaded, Imhotep, coming back as a mummy to take his revenge. If you think you've seen everything as far as roller caosters go, think again! There's an interesting surprise towards the beginning of the ride that will turn your thoughts backwards...

Storyline with a twist

As you enter the ride, you are automatically faced with the storyline about the movie, "The Mummy." Things turn quite interesting when you plummet into complete darkness. The coaster features twists and turns at top speeds of up to 45 mph. Don't close your eyes!

(Click on the video to the right to see what this looks and sounds like!)