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Fresh Install

  Fresh Install is the installation of an Operating System on a computer as the only OS. It controls the entire hard drive and removes all previous data. This install type is recommended for empty or crashed computers.

  After clicking the "install" icon on the desktop, there are six or seven steps for installation (depending on previous OS).

  1. In step one, the language is selected for the Operating System.
  2. In step two, it is for selecting the timezone for clock settings. The timezone can be selected by choosing a dot from the map or a city from the drop down menu.
  3. In step three, the keyboard layout is chosen. By default, "American English" is selected, but if you have a multilingual keyboard, Ubuntu should be able to support it.
  4. In step four, the hard drives are read to gather information about current partitions. This step is IMPORTANT. Be sure that you are willing to lose everything on the hard drive you choose to install.

    Select Guided -use entire disk and select the correct hard drive. The model number and memory will help identify which hard drive is which, but you should know which hard drive is the preferred. A suggestion is to backup all critical data.

  5. In step five, this is where you make the computer yours. So, Who Are You? Fill in the blanks and be sure to record the username and password on a post-it note. The name of the computer is not critical, "Destkop" will suffice.
  6. In step six, this will transfer information from a previous Ubuntu install. If there is no previous install, step six will probably not appear.
  7. In step seven, the information about the Ubuntu install is collected for review. Make sure everything is correct, and the partitions to be applied are listed at the bottom.
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