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  Extras are the functions and software added after the installation that aren't meant to do anything except give Eyecandy. Customization is a type of Eyecandy that is added after the install, but is not as effective as the Extras.

  I must first say that Extras are not for all users. It can only be used by a computer with a sufficient video card. And the driver for the video card must be correctly installed.

  One extra would be a window manager application such as Beryl or Compiz Fusion. They each add the same effects to the desktop. They both support Emerald, a theme manager, and they both support the same 3-D graphical effects. The actual difference is unknown to me. Commit a search to YouTube for "Beryl Ubuntu" and many examples are available for demonstration.

  Another extra is the Avant Window Manager(AWN), and is used as a dock/taskbar. Mac users are familiar with the application but Windows users have yet to enjoy it. It acts as a horizontal list of shortcuts to programs, folders, or anything, and also uses the same icons as a taskbar.

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