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Fedora Desktop

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  Linux has different versions from which to choose. Organizations create their own versions of Linux, called Distributions(Distros). One Distro, can have many upgrades. For example, Ubuntu and Fedora are two Distro types of Linux. There is also Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and Ubuntu Edgy Eft, which are upgrade versions of Ubuntu.

  Each Distro is unique from the other Distros. Example:

Distros are created to provide something that another Distro has not.

  Program preference is not something to rely on for 'Distro choice' because most if not all software designed for Linux is not Distro dependent. If there is a preferred program on Linux, it should be able accessible on all Distros.

  The best way to know which Distro to choose is to try it out. Installing many Distros can be annoying. Look for a Live CD of that Distro. If one cannot be found, Look for screenshots and reviews. In the end, it can be installed and removed.
No one is chained to their OS.

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