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My Desktop

This desktop uses AWN manager for the buttons on the bottom, and Compiz for the window decoration.

Desktop Customization

  Desktop customization is one of the unique features that seperates Linux from Windows and Mac. It is very simple to change the look and style of the desktop.

  The easiest way is to use what is already given. Go to System>Preferences>Appearance. There are preinstalled themes and backgrounds but Gnome can also download more from online. Click on one of the tabs and then select the theme you prefer. I never like to limit myself to what is given to me so I search for my theme in other places.

  Gnome-Look is a great site for adding themes, icons, backgrounds, and many more components to your desktop. The files are uploaded by users and given a picture of the theme so you know what it looks like.

  The files are saved in formats such as tar.gz or tar.gz2. These are types of compressions and certain files, such as icon theme packages or splash screen package, will use a specific type of compression. Open the Ubuntu theme manager and import the file. An error is possible because these are not professional users that create these packages and therefore might not be created correctly.

  If you go to the Background tab of the Appearances setting, you can add your own pictures to use as the desktop background. I suggest creating a "Theme" folder within your "Home" folder so that all theme files are collected neatly. Background images, icon packages, and splash themes can all be saved in this folder. It makes it much easier to catagorize.

For Eye Candy customization such as Mac-like Docks or transparent window borders, that is an Extra to the Ubuntu experience.

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