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Ubuntu is the gift to humanity, and humanity itself will improve on this gift.
   Ubuntu is a type of Operating System used for computers. An Operating System (OS) is the digital engine for computers. On most computers, the engine used is Windows. Macintosh Apple is another engine. Ubuntu is a specific type of engine.
   A broader name for this engine is 'Linux'. Linux is an engine that is freely distributed and developed. Installing Linux on a computer will not make someone subject to jailtime. It is legally free software.
   Ubuntu is an OS builds off of the framework of Linux. It seperates itself from other OSs that use Linux with Ubuntu's prepacked software and security updates. It has many connectivity, software install and update, and desktop options.
   Another asset that seperates Ubuntu is it's support network. The support network is massive! It is comprised mostly of other users but also has many computer engineers, software engineers, and many other important-sounding names to help with the Ubuntu experience.
  Ubuntu has many software packages to suit many interests of the computing society. Programming, Digital Art, Writing, or Gaming all are easily accessible and understandable to use.
   Ubuntu is free to allow for broader creativity. The software is free, and so is the help to understand it.


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