Nick Batty's How To Shoot A Compound Bow [STEP TWO]
Nock and Rest


Nocking the Arrow

Step One: Putting on the Release
Step Two: Nocking the Arrow
Step Three: Holding the Bow
Step Four: Drawing the Bow
Step Five: Aiming the Bow
Step Six: Firing the Bow

Nocking the arrow is a relatively simple process. A properly nocked arrow contacts the bow at only two points, the rest and the string. This ensures that at no point during the shooting process does the arrow contact any other surface, which would send it off course.

Begin by placing the arrow on (or through) the rest. If it is a "biscuit" style rest like the one in the photo, the arrow will simply slide through the bristles and seat its self. With any other type of rest, the arrow will sit atop the rest. Many archers prefer the "biscuit" style because the risk of the arrow falling off the rest is eliminated.

Next, take the arrow and rotate it so that the one brightly colored (in this case, white) vain is facing upward. Press the nock firmly onto the bowstring in the center of the string loop, until you hear a click.

If the off-colored vain is facing upward, the arrow is on the rest and the nock has "clicked" onto the bowstring, the arrow is properly nocked.

Now that you've got your arrow nocked, go ahead to Step Three: Holding the Bow.