20 paces


Holding the Bow

Step One: Putting on the Release
Step Two: Nocking the Arrow
Step Three: Holding the Bow
Step Four: Drawing the Bow
Step Five: Aiming the Bow
Step Six: Firing the Bow

With the release on and the arrow nocked, you're ready to get yourself and your bow into position for the shot.

Measure or walk 20 yards from your target. This is the distance at which the majority of archers start shooting, because the closest pin on a bow sight is ordinarily set to 20 yards(discussed in more detail on the Step Five: Aiming the Bow page.)

Stand roughly perpendicular to the target, though the exact angle doesn't matter. Stance is mostly determined by personal preference, and any roughly perpendicular stance will work as long as it is not so extreme as to cause the body to twist during the shot. After a few shots, you'll settle into a natural stance that is comfortable for you.

holding the bow

Place your non-dominant hand on the grip at the front of the bow. Your hand should be directly behind the grip so that there is no twist when the bow is drawn. The hand is only there to support the weight of the bow and give the dominant hand the necessary resistance to draw the bow.

Straighten your arm to put the bow into position for the draw.

Once you've got the position of the bow and your body correct, go ahead to Step Four: Drawing the Bow.