Point in a safe direction


Precautions with the Compound Bow

The compound Bow is a deadly weapon. Able to propel a graphite rod at over 300 feet per second, it has enough force to bring down an elk or a bear. If you follow a few simple safety guidelines,it won't bring down one of your friends.

When holding the bow, be sure never to point it at anything but the target. When carrying it, hold it loosely at your side, and never with an arrow nocked.

Don't draw the bow until you are facing the target and ready to shoot. This will prevent an accidental misfire if someone bumps into your arm before you are ready.

Be sure that your target is a special "archery-type" target. No paper bull's eyes on soda bottles, no cardboard boxes. The speed of the arrow requires a multi-density foam target designed especially to absorb the energy of the arrow. If you shoot anything else, your arrow will go straight through.

Even with the correct target, be sure of what's behind it. If you put your target in front of a brick wall and miss, you not only are looking at a broken arrow, but the risk of eye injury from shattering graphite.

Just try to use common sense when using the bow. Over time you will get better acquainted with its nuances and more comfortable handling it, but it is always good practice to treat it with respect.