There's a lot of compound archery information on the internet, some of it good, some of it not so good. Here's a few sites to keep you going in your new hobby.

Hunter's friend

Hunter's Friend is a retail Web site, but they have a lot of information about bow parts and their functions. When you are ready to buy a bow, no one has better prices.

Hunter's Friend

Harold Hall

Harold Hall is the President of Ft. Lauderdale Archers Board of Directors. On this site, he has posted a series of videos that range from basic to intermediate.

Harold Hall's Expert Site

John VanDusen

John VanDusen's compound archery site has a lot of good information on setting up a bow (setting draw weight, draw length, sight pins) when you're ready to get into doing that yourself.

VanDusen's Tutorial

The Block 4x4

The Block 4x4 is the best archery target on the market, hands down. It has four shootable sides with a variety of target patterns. If you're looking for a target, this is it.

The Block 4x4